Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Basketball & Bumps

Luke went to his first basketball game earlier this month. We ended up getting in free, which is great! Luke had a great time and especially like meeting the "Wazorback" mascot.

Luke also came down with a crazy, scary looking rash that ended up involving a trip to Dr. John's house (thank you John and Amy!). Turns out it was just hives. I have been using Tide detergent since Luke was born, but apparently when we switched to high-efficiency Tide to accommodate our new washing machine that did it. Who would have thought he would not be allergic to one Tide, but could be to another. Anyway, he's fine now and after washing everything in the house his hives are gone. You can see from the picture below how bad he looked. It never bothered him at all, but it sure scared me half to death!