Monday, August 24, 2009

My child is wild!

So Luke has been a little more feisty than usual the last few weeks. It seems to have culminated today. He started the day by hitting, scratching, and then attempting to throw a chair at his Sunday School teacher because he was told he had to stay in his class. Next, he kicked a little girl at church. Finally, he hit Jeremy when he told him they had to leave his cousins' house to come home. (That one was a really, really big mistake!) I asked him before bed how much more we were going to have to punish him before he started acting right. His answer, and I quote, "A lot!" I'm going to get called to the principal's office the first day of kindergarten! We have taken all of his monster trucks, his 3 favorite animals that he sleeps with, and have spanked him repeatedly. I really don't know what else to do at this point. I think we are taking his TV next, but that punishes us. I'm about ready to take all of his toys away and make him earn them back, but again, that punishes us. I may be bald by next week if this keeps up!

Sorry I don't have any pictures yet. Hopefully the budget will allow for a new camera sometime soon.