Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Card

If you are wondering why you have not received a Christmas card from us yet, it is because we are not sending them this year. I decided to just do an online version.

So, Merry Christmas from the Flanagan Family!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas #1

We had Christmas with my parents on Saturday. It was a little early this year, but it was the best time for everyone to get together. This is Christmas 1 of 5. We are going to need a larger house just to hold all of Luke's toys. I really seriously do not know where we are going to put everything. I think I am going to impose a 2 present per person limit next year - no single person can buy Luke more than 2 presents!

This is the mound of presents before opening. About 6 of these were for people other than Luke; the rest were his!

Luke made gifts for my parents this year. He decorated this mug for Granddad.
My brother Carl outdid himself this year and got my mom a laptop. This was the look on her face when she figured out what he had given her. The other picture is of the laptop bag I got her and monogrammed.
This road making set from Uncle Carl complete with 2 cars was the hit of the night.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Mohawk Pirate

We went to the mall last night so Jeremy and Luke could get hair cuts. Before leaving the house, Luke really wanted to put on his pirate costume from last Halloween. I went ahead and let him wear it to the mall. When he hopped up in the chair to get his hair cut, the lady asked me what I wanted her to do. He quickly replied, "I want a mohawk." He apparently has a little friend at school who wears his hair in a mohawk from time to time, so now Luke thinks that is really cool. Anyway, I did not allow him to get his hair cut into a mohawk, but the lady did style it that way for him after she cut it. Note the super cheesy smile. I hope we can get at least 1 decent picture when he has his pictures made next week. This is the smile I get everytime I ask him to smile so I can take his picture.

On a random note, this is a turkey Luke made for Thanksgiving. He was very proud of it and requested that I post it on our blog.