Monday, February 5, 2007


My son is not yet 2 and he's already arguing with me. Below is the conversation we had today.

Luke: Want cookie.

JF: No, not until you eat dinner.

Luke: Want cookie.

JF: Luke, you have to wait until after we have dinner.

Luke: Want cookie (he's starting to climb the cabinet to get his own cookie).

JF: Luke, get down right now or you're going to time-out. You can have a cookie after dinner.

Luke: Want cookie!!! (throwing head back and screaming)

JF: nothing - I'm ignoring him.

Luke: Want cookie (climbing cabinet again)

JF: Ok, now you're going to time-out.

Luke: (After getting out of time-out...) Want cookie.

After dinner he gets his cookie; he then takes two bites of it and tears the rest of it up and throws it in the floor. When is this going to stop? Will he be doing this to me for the next 2, 4, 10 years. I think I'm going to need some Prozac to survive this!