Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So, I'm a liar!

Ok, so the honeymoon is over with the big-boy bed. Luke has been getting up for a couple of weeks now. Nothing too serious, just a couple of times a night. We about had it fixed, but Jeremy is at Bogg Springs this week filling in for Doug, and Luke apparently decided that means he can do whatever he wants. We both almost died last night. After several spankings, some yelling, and some crying too, he was still running out of his room as soon as I put him down LAUGHING! He thought it was all some big game. After 2 hours and a call to my wonderful mother-in-law at 10:45 pm (thank you, Lana), I finally shut myself in my bedroom after toddler-proofing the house, (as much as one can toddler proof a house). This did the trick. Once he realized I would not engage him at all, he gave up. Either that or he was finally just really sleepy. I'm hoping it was the first reason. After I came out to check on him, he asked if he could lie down with me. I obliged, and he was asleep in 5 minutes. I am praying hard there will not be a repeat tonight; although, I am not particularly optimistic. If he gets up tonight, I am just going to my room and shutting the door again. Hopefully, he will give up before 11:30 pm. Anyway, if anyone has any great suggestions, I would love to hear them.


amyj said...

I don't have any suggestions, but I will say that I've been there! And I've lived to tell about it. Poor little Wuke Fwanagan.

amy said...

I don't have any ideas either, but I definitely commiserate. I've been there and if I ever let Anabelle out of her crib, I'm sure I'll be there again. Good Luck!
I have the best time keeping up with ya'll. Aren't blogs great?

Racheal said...

Nathan started sleeping in a big bed early (before he was 2), so he was a little scared at first. I used to sit outside his door for a few minutes. He was comforted by knowing that I was close, and I could sneak off without him knowing it. I don't know if this will help since Luke is laughing and making a game out of it, but I thought I would mention it. Good luck!