Wednesday, February 18, 2009


About 6 weeks ago, Luke's Jitterbugs class put on their annual performance. Jitterbugs is kind've an exercise class for kids with singing, dancing, and general silliness. For those of you who know Luke, you will be shocked to find out that he has terrible stage fright. He would not even put on any of the costumes. The picture below is the closest we ever got to wearing a costume or being on stage. The only reason he even did that much is because of the 2nd picture, Chuck-E-Cheese bribery. They did 4 songs, and the first 3 songs he spent sitting on the steps to the left of the stage with Daddy. Finally, before the 4th song, I went back with him to the dressing room and got him to put a hat on. I told him he had to stand up the whole time and then we would go to Chuck-E-Cheese. This is the child who dives on the floor and yells, "I'm ok!" just so people will look at him. 2 sets of grandparents drove about an hour and a half to watch this...